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Support Services

Trenmead provides a wide range of IT support services across the UK, Ireland and across the globe.

Our UK leading support ensures quality of service delivery, improved uptime and network availability, increased operational efficiency and reduced costs. With IT support services across all major technology platforms, networks and vendors, Trenmead and its strategic partners ensure fast resolution time through on–site and field–based technical teams.

Multi-Vendor Support all in one place

At Trenmead, we value our relationships with our customers and recognise they are the focal point of any support we therefore do not exclusively tie ourselves to any one single support provider or vendor to ensure we can always offer our customers the support which works best for them.

The relationships with our vendor partners do provide Trenmead with the opportunity to raise awareness of the services they offer our channel partners whilst using Trenead’s technical, sales, and marketing resource to remain impartial to all vendors. The range of vendors covered by Trenmead and its support partners is one of the biggest advantages we offer to our customers.

Trenmead continues to develop and review vendor relationships on an on-going basis to ensure our customers always have the best options available to them.

Flexible Levels of Support

Trenmead Support is a support and maintenance service for IT networks. It provides the essential network support you need to ensure that, when things go wrong, they’ll soon be right again; that we’ll be there for you. Your choice of service will be guided by how critical a piece of equipment is to your business operation.

Core Support Options

Product Response Period Response Engineer on-site Hardware replaced
8 x 5 NBD Business Hours only Next business day No Yes
8 x 5 x 4 Business Hours only 4 hours No Yes
24/7 x 4 24 hours, every day 4 hours No Yes
8 x 5 NBD EOS Business Hours only Next business day Yes Yes
8 x 5 x 4 EOS Business Hours only 4 hours Yes Yes
24/7 x 4 EOS 24 hours, every day 4 hours Yes Yes

Support Worldwide

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